In the Deep Museum
music on the edge of chaos

Music on the edge of Chaos

In the Deep Museum is an experimental group featuring Vanessa Skantze (voice and percussion), celadon (noise, bass and keyboards) and other collaborators. The Seattle group's sound ranges from harsh and assaultive to haunting and sublime.

bonsoir Samdi - our recent CD
bonsoir samdi CD cover
The CD cover, with photo of Bill Horist and Vanessa Skantze (by Briana Chittenden Jones)

In the Deep Museum has played numerous performances in Seattle, Portland, and New Orleans. They conducted a brief tour in Brooklyn, Glasgow, and Barcelona in May 2007. Check back frequently for news of upcoming appearances.

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download a free desktop image featuring a New Orleans cemetery at night

What's butoh?
In the Deep Museum often provides improvised music for butoh performances. Butoh is an avant-garde dance form that originated in post-war Japan. Check out danse perdue for more information.

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