In the Deep Museum
music on the edge of chaos

About In the Deep Museum

In the Deep Museum performs improvised experimental music. The Seattle-based group has performed in a variety of settings, from clubs to art galleries to butoh dance performances and workshops. In the Deep Museum has played in Seattle, Portland, OR. and New Orleans and completed a brief tour to Europe in Spring 2007.

In the Deep Museum formed in Sept. 2006 from the ashes of an experimental rock band (Rending Sinew, currently re-forming with a different lineup). With a focus on improvised performance, the group has been playing constantly since its inception. The result is part music, part performance art - engaging yet challenging.


Vanessa Skantze: vocals, percussion
Vanessa Skantze is a multidisciplinary artist whose work embraces butoh dance, voice, percussion, writing and spoken word performance, and metal and stone sculpture. She has practiced and taught butoh dance since 2001 when she co-founded the ensemble Death Posture in New Orleans with experimental guitarists Donald Miller (Borbetomagus) and Rob Cambre, soon augmented by dancer Alex Haverfield's presence. Alex and Vanessa arrived in Seattle in 2004 and frequently collaborate with local dancers and musicians.

Her recent work includes the creation of a Butoh Processional with Alex Haverfield, Alan Sutherland, four additional dancers and two musicians for the Fremont Solstice Parade. She has created a structured improvisational piece, weaving through eyes the dew of flames, which evolved out of her classes at the Tashiro Kaplan lofts this past September. pellucid penetralia, a butoh/sound improvisation work, premiered at CoCA this past October with herself, Sheri Brown and Alex Haverfield dancing and Tatsuya Nakatani, Tom Swafford and Bill Horist playing music. Both Vanessa and Alex study and perform with Jinen Butoh founder Atsushi Takenouchi. Jinen dances the manifestation of the universal nervous system, the interwoven cycle of life and death, time and space.


celadon: soundscapes, noise, bass, keyboards
An industrial - electronic musician, celadon (Eric Maia) has recently released a CD titled Post-Industrial Delicacies. celadon crafts intricate soundscapes from found sounds, feedback, and other sonic sources. He also provides engineering and recording for In the Deep Museum's projects.

celadon also enjoys a background in visual arts. He has recently been designing, in collaboration with his wife Thea Maia, a series of hand-decorated recycled shirts and other garments.

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